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  〈1〉 耐化学腐蚀〈2〉 具光芒,部份通明或半通明〈3〉 大局部为精良绝缘体〈4〉 分量轻且牢固〈5〉 加工轻易可大批出产,价钱廉价〈6〉 用处普遍、功效多、轻易着色、局部耐低温(7)寄存货品能够起到防潮的后果塑料也辨别为泛用性塑料及工程塑料,重如果用处的普遍性来界定,如PE、PP价钱廉价,可用在多种差别型态的机器上出产。工程塑料则价钱较昂贵,但质料稳性及物理物性均好良多,个别而言,其同时存在刚性与韧性两种特征。PVC通明塑料板:引进外洋进步技巧,选用高等入口原辅资料所出产的一种高强度、高通明塑料板。产物色彩有白色、宝石兰、茶色、咖啡色等多个种类。厚度:2mm-20mm.1220mmx2440mm 1300mmx2000mm 产物名义附有双面通明模.机能特色:该产物高强度、高通明、耐侯性好、无毒、卫生、物理特征优于无机玻璃。用处:本产物普遍用于装备护板,仪表外壳,内饰、饮用水槽、液位表现等。

The plastic sheet is made of plastic and plastic is a decomposed polymer compound that can easily change the shape of the body. Plastics is a data formed by the use of monomer materials to decompose or condensation to reflect polymerization. It consists of decomposed resins and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, smooth agents, color additives, etc.. Its important identity is the decomposition of resins.
< 1 > Chemical corrosion resistance < 2 > has light, some Tongming or semi-Tongming < 3 > are mostly excellent insulators < 4 > light and solid < 5 > processing can be easily produced in large quantities. Cheap price < 6 > Universal use, efficacy, easy coloring, local low temperature resistance(7) The consequences of storage goods can also be identified as generic plastics and engineering plastics, and if the universality of use is defined, For example, PE and PP are cheap and can be produced on a variety of different types of machines. Engineering plastics are more expensive, but the material stability and physical properties are much better. In individual cases, they have two characteristics: rigidity and toughness. PVC Tongming plastic board: Introduction of advanced skills from the ocean, using a high strength, high Tongming plastic board produced by the original and auxiliary materials of the higher entrance. The color of the product is white, sapphire, brown, coffee and many other types. Thickness: 2mm -20mm. 1220mm X 2440mm 1300mm X 2000mm product nominal with double-sided tongming model. Functional characteristics: the product high strength, high tongming, good tolerance, non-toxic, health, physical characteristics better than inorganic glass. Useful: This product is generally used for equipment plate, instrument shell, interior, drinking tank, liquid level performance.